Boise State University 3D Motion Capture Dynamic Bike Fit (3 hours): $285.00

Vicon 3D digital optical system with unparalleled accuracy, aids On the Bike in analyzing pedaling patterns dynamically in real time. Eight infrared cameras coupled with advanced computer technology are used to analyze motion in three dimensions. Placing reflective markers on specific anatomic landmarks allows On the Bike to accurately analyze pedaling patterns. Changes in joint angles, bike geometry, and power output are quantified while providing instant biofeedback to the cyclist. These changes can greatly improve performance, prevent injuries, and most important… make cycling more enjoyable! On the bike makes dynamic adjustments customized to your personal anatomy, flexibility, and riding objectives.

  • 3D & 2D pre/post analysis
  • Thorough cyclist interview and physical assessment
  • Includes 2D Advanced bike fit assessments and measurements

GFit Studio 2D Advanced Bike Fit with Video Analysis (2 hours): $175.00

Designed to build upon the bike shop’s basic bike fit by addressing all aspects of bike geometry and body configurations, the 2D Advanced BikeFit utilizes a Smart Trainer and 2D video analysis software from Dartfish. Service includes:

  • Thorough cyclist interview and physical assessment
  • Pedal stroke analysis
  • 3-way cleat alignment
  • Handle Bar position/fitting
  • Leg length discrepancy correction
  • Pre/post video analysis
  • Summary report and exercise recommendations