Welcome to On the Bike, Custom Cycling Services

Custom 3D Bike Fitting by On The Bike IdahoCycling is a highly repetitive task and this type of repetition can have an effect on our joints, muscles, and comfort while on the bike. On the Bike is a specialty stand-alone custom cycling service, offering a relaxed, private, and value-for-money service, away from the pressures of a busy retail establishment.

At On the Bike we pride ourselves on one of the most comprehensive, dynamic bike fits in Idaho. Using TRUE 3-D motion capture technology On the Bike can fit you to your existing bike or bikes, and provide education on the changes made and the expected improvements. On the Bike continually seeks feedback of your subjective impressions, both during and after the fitting.

On the Bike can customize endurance training programs for cyclists and triathletes, as well as provide complete metabolic testing. On the Bike can help you reach your goals, whether that is to finish the race first, or simply just to finish. We work with all athletes, genders and ages. All of our custom coaching plans start with a complementary consultation reviewing your goals, strengths, weaknesses, and ambitions. From there, we work with you to build a plan that guides you towards your personal best possible race or event. On the Bike provides multiple levels of private coaching and Metabolic Testing for any athlete and budget.