Oxygen transportation and utilization are considered a key determining factor in an athlete’s endurance capacity. The MOXY Monitor provides real-time information about the metabolic state of the muscle. Athletes can use muscle oxygen information to more precisely guide their training intensity, zones and to monitor the improvements in their muscle oxidative capacity.

The MOXY Sensor is the heart of the MOXY Monitor System. It’s light emitting diodes and photodetectors together create the spectrometer that makes Saturated Muscle Oxygen (SmO2) measurement possible.

MOXY provides real-time physiologic feedback for any sport: it is strong enough to withstand the rigors of triathlon and mountain biking; it is secure enough to operate in the swimming pool; it is portable enough to wear on the on the cyclocross course. MOXY takes physiologic monitoring out of the lab and into the real world of sports.

In combination with an indoor power meter, this performance test will identify your power zones as well as your heart rate zones. In correlation to your functional threshold power measurement, MOXY offers a direct and non-invasive measure of oxygen saturation levels in the muscle.

FTP + MOXY: $95.00
The athlete will be required to perform two physiological tests separated by a minimum of 48 hours (pending scheduling). FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power, which is commonly defined as the highest average power you can sustain for an hour, measured in watts. FTP is often used to determine training zones when using a power meter and to measure improvement. Once the FTP test is done we use that measurement to define our MOXY test to correlate zones. FTP is not required but is beneficial to know. We can do the test without the FTP test but will be using estimated metrics.

MOXY: $65.00

If you know your FTP then we get on the bike and ride. The MOXY test usually takes 25-30 minutes based on fitness.

Test Instructions: IMPORTANT: all athletes will be required to begin the test WITHOUT warming up. It is important to capture the warm-up as a part of this test. The athlete should pedal at their natural cadence for each power level.